Silver Swans Ballet

Our Silver Swans Ballet Classes are designed by the RAD specifically for adults, whether you are new to dance, or returning after years away.

Specially designed for older learners, these classes will help improve your mobility, posture, co-ordination and energy levels.

Plus all classes are held in our studio in central Tunbridge Wells - we have a sprung floor (gentle on the joints), toilet  and free parking.

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Elizabeth Webb's mat Pilate class will focus on strength, flexibility and balance, with the foundation of all exercises developed from Joseph Pilates, a fitness system development in the early 20th century. 


Pilates classes are a full body workout, improving flexibility, building strength while developing muscle control and endurance for the entire body.   Emphasis will be on body alignment, breathing and developing a strong core to aid in overall fitness and mobility.   Elizabeth’s teaching will allow for different exercises to be modified taking into account injuries and overall fitness levels.  


Beginner's  Yoga

Yoga is for every body, so if you have a body you can do yoga!


Yoga is a hugely beneficial practice for both physical and mental well being. This is a gentle and fun class, exploring the depths of yoga through postures suitable for complete beginners. 

Fun at Yoga

Hatha Yoga

Our hatha yoga class is designed for all level students to build strength and agility in the body, whilst cultivating quiet in the mind. This class is a carefully-instructed slow flow that breaks down the poses with particular attention to alignment, giving students an opportunity to explore the depth of their own practice.

A typical class is built around a specific theme and included warm up postures, standing and seated asanas, blending the essential elements of breath work, balance and flowing movement.

Hatha Yoga

Meditative Yoga

Moving through asana and pranayama, this class will develop the student for deeper awareness and concentration, leading to a mind more suited to meditative practices.


Classes may include Sanskrit chanting, active relaxation and meditations. Discover the peace and joy that resides inside yourself. Classes open to all levels.

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Pre Natal Yoga

Prenatal Yoga will increase your strength, flexibility and endurance of muscles needed for childbirth. With regular practice throughout your pregnancy, it will help you to decrease your lower back pain, reduce nausea, headaches and shortness of breath.


Prenatal Yoga includes gentle stretches and sequences which will help to reduce hip and pelvic discomfort, ease pelvic girdle pain, joint pain, SPD and prevent Sciatica.

Prenatal yoga classes can also help you to meet with other pregnant women and prepare to be a new parent and make friends.


These classes are suitable from the 12th week of your pregnancy up until full term.

Pregnant Woman Practicing Yoga

Post Natal Yoga & Relaxation

Postnatal Yoga & Relaxation classes are gentle, caring, fun and safe for mums to enjoy an uninterrupted hour without the worries and concerns of day to day life.

These sessions are suitable for when your little ones are big enough that you can get out again for an hour, schedule in some much needed 'you' time and come along to rest, recharge and feel nourished once more.

These yoga classes are ideal for Mums, those thinking about conceiving, and also suitable for all women, whether you’ve just had a baby or had children in the past.

The Classes work on establishing the physical and emotional balance in our life which helps strengthen us mentally for any future challenges as well as release any fears or limiting beliefs about ourselves.

Practicing Yoga with Babies

Yoga for Sports

Yoga for Sports is a class especially designed for sporty people wishing to improve their physical and mental performance through yoga.


Working on flexibility with awareness on joint stability, strengthening connective tissues as well as antagonistic muscles. Promoting injury prevention and recovery.


Suitable for all levels of yogis and sports people.

Ashtanga Yoga