Ballet - Starting from age two and a half, children can come and begin movement to music, expressing themselves in imaginative and fun classes. From ages four, Footsteps offers ballet classes that follow the IDTA syllabus. Ballet is an excellent discipline that improves posture, flexibility and body awareness and is also lots of fun! It not only builds the foundation for other forms of dance but also increases the stamina and strength needed to perform other types of dance.

Modern Jazz - From age five pupils can begin modern classes. An integration of jazz, freestyle and modern structured exercises provide the ideal balance to keep interest levels high and energy levels buzzing. Modern classes are the perfect way to encourage children to exercise to their favourite pop stars music! Routines are learnt that promote increased coordination, flexibility and improve the memory with a lot of laughs along the way!

Tap - From ages four and upwards, tap classes that follow the IDTA syllabus are open to all! Basic technique is the starting point. The pupils get to hear the sounds and rhythms their feet are making - an expressive opportunity to burn up some energy! A repertoire of steps is learnt before putting them into routines. Pupils have the opportunity to do their own rhythm based choreography, a very satisfying experience for all!

Drama - All pupils aged four and above can join in the Footsteps drama classes. Boys and girls work together in confidence-building exercises and improvisation; learning set pieces that promote self awareness whilst working to a Trinity Guildhall syllabus. The opportunity is there to take their new-found skills to exam level should they want to, but it's also fine by Footsteps just to enjoy the classes for being fun with new-found friends.