About Us

Footsteps prides itself on being a friendly, fun and family-run dance academy. Class sizes are small to allow for plenty of focused tuition and to encourage a relaxed atmosphere. Footsteps believes that every child should have the opportunity to express themselves through dance and drama, regardless of ability.

Once the pupils have found their feet, the opportunity is there to take their new found confidence and skill to the next level and prepare for exams. However, there is no pressure at Footsteps, it�s more important that every child looks forward to each fully structured class so that they feel motivated and encouraged every step of the way.

Every year there is a school performance where proud parents can come and watch their child�s new found performance skills. Footsteps has discovered that nothing is more enjoyable for the boys and girls than to work as a team in front of an audience, while revelling in the opportunity to be on a working stage in full costume - very much in the spotlight!